She is never boring!

When we were at six or seven we used to get into granny’s lap just to urge her to tell an interesting story which could never possibly have happened. We heard with a dropped jaw as if it has happened to us! We grew up combing her hair as no one else would offer us to do so. We used to kid her snoring, complain about the unevenly tied braid for which she could have tried her best. We spent a very little time for her for which she was prepared all the time with all her works done. Now, when we return back from collage she gathers all her strength, wakes up, just to watch you growing day by day. By then you would be busy in some social media or texting someone and finds it to be more important than the usual repeated words she says when you pay attention to her. But the only entertainment to her is your mischief which has vanished with your so called maturity that never comes into picture when needed.

Now we are grown and grandmother’s house is a place where we are going to prove how scientific we are hurting her all the time. We confront with her believes, make her admit her assumptions are ridiculous which used to be standing out earlier. We get annoyed with her even if she calls us a couple of times and dump out every unwanted stuff we created in us upon her.

As Dominos deliver pizzas within very short we no longer want to take a chance to taste her most boring food as we have to hear a story associated with it in bonus.

But the only reason they are still alive is the presence of their loved ones around them. Believe it or not they try to their maximum potential to keep themselves updated at least they could downpour something in front of you and can take pride in that. They learn to operate telephone so that they could keep in regular touch with you but we are too busy in playing candycrush to pick their phone. The unfortunate thing is we never know how much we are loved by a physically weak old heart which beats with an uncertainty.