The real you!

No matter how good you want to be the society point outs you for a situation which even you don’t realize you are a part of it. People are ready always to count your mistakes and make you a normal being not much different from them because they cannot put efforts to reach you. As they cannot I mean to say will not climb, they think why should they let us? They drag us down very fast and ask us to sit silently beside them!!!!!

You cannot always voice your opinions with a fear of being detached. So you are not you, different from you and are running away from you! If you stop and look back you will be alone in the race competing with you to win over you! The world is a web with you trapped in it and the problem is we can see you smiling and not willing to come out of it. I just love the sentence “The truth is like suns radiance as powerful as it”. It is more permanent than anything in the world even love! You can never escape from it nor can hide it. Hiding it is like putting your palm forward to stop a wave. It drains you makes you again you and needless to say it’s again a fraction of seconds to get distracted from it.

Life will be more exciting if you have the things happening in the way you dream of them. As dreams are lagging of cognitive capabilities we cannot have all of them happening in front of your retina. So as the most valuable assert you have is your prestige that wants your dreams to be true anyhow and start hiding the ocean of truth. It bursts out of you one day and the people who are always beside you will definitely be drenched in its flow.

They are the ones who will be affected for no reason of theirs. They will be victims of no fault of theirs and start blaming their fortune. So the most important thing to be noticed here is be away from them or else you would have your fate with something else stored in it for you. People even wont pity you then. They say it is complete fault of yours to play with fire with a confidence of not being burnt. Life happens day by day & shows you every shade of it makes you fed up with it, boosts you again and when we look back this entire thing constitutes our being. If we haven’t experienced dark you can never appreciate light right?

The inner voice in me warns me always to be aware of the words I use and my actions I do but my stimulus travels faster than my inner voice resulting in regrets.We sometimes cannot moniter everything.So stop controlling,start living and learn from life!