9 Ways to keep Calm and do your Kaam

Kaam (hindi word) means “work”, So Sentence above means How to keep Calm and Mind your own work and live peaceful productive life.

1. Don’t take your smart phone to toilet

Probably in today’s fast world this is the only time you spend with yourself, if you take smart phone with you, this time will also be gone which you could have spent thinking. For other risks check link

Thinking is More Important than Whining

2. Don’t check emails before sleeping

You will take your problems and work to your dreams, which ideally you don’t want. See more details

Sleep Well

3. Don’t check emails just after waking up

This will harm your peacefulness and you will start worrying about problems to be solved today. Read More

Morning Routine

4. Go offline on your email/outlook

Avoid disruptions to achieve what you want to get done quickly. You can focus on urgent and important stuff. Hit More


5. Don’t attend calls during meetings

Will increase your focus and inputs to the meeting. It makes you look more professional.

Leave the Phone in Pocket

6. Always keep your mobile in vibration during meetings

Keep your phone in your pocket rather than on table during meetings. You will have lesser anxiety and more focus. Check further

Silent Mode

7. Don’t multi-task

Multitasking Greatly reduces your productivity. Your brain will Thank You for not doing it.

Multi Tasker

8. Don’t use cellphone while driving

Your are risking yours and others life while doing so. Need More click

Rule while Driving

9. Don’t switch on the TV

Listen to Radio or read a book. Watching TV normally makes other people rich. Here’s more help

Rule at Home