Washing machine represents the most common household item for use in day today activity. This modern equipment can take care of the whole laundering process i.e. soaking, beating, rinsing the dirty clothes and washing. With the advancement in scientific innovation the new machinery got better results every time. Now we have semi-automatic and automatic version of this Washing machine.

Commonly they are found with as Front loading, Top Loading, Washer dryers and Semi automatic washing machines types. Every once in a while this modern machine gets breakdown completely and requires handy repairs at time. There are common washing machine errors which happen most of the time and requires professional to get the machine in reworking conditions.

  • Leaks in Supply Hoses

Hoses are the most important part of the washing machine for supplying and draining water out of the washing machine. Leakage in those hoses can results in unnecessary flow of the water on the land. External hoses and internal hoses both need regular maintenance for leaks timely.

  • Pump leaks

Pump is the backbone of the whole washing machine process. Sign of any leaks from the pump requires one to replace the whole pump entirely. Pulley seal is the most common place where leak is surrounded. Gurgaonrepairs provides dependable spare parts that will stay with you for long term always.

  • Tub-Fittings

A leaking tub-filter can create a lot of issues for the repairman for searching the exact location of the faulty parts. Consisting of tub seals, center post gasket, air dome seal and many smaller parts tub fittings design is different as per brand of the Washing Machine

  • Joints

Washing machines is attached with joints at certain parts and track the overall flow of the water supply and drainage respectively. Any leak can disrupt the whole process and also results in loss of the valuable wash products. Schedule your washing machine for proper service with Gurgaonrepairs and maintain washing machine in perfect state.

Gurgaon repairs are one authentic and reliable washing machine repair service in gurgaon. We take care of all major brands that are available in the market i.e. Samsung, LG, Videocon, Godrej, Onida, Whirlpool, Weston, ETA O’General, Gem, Texla, maharaja, T-Series, Toshiba, SVL, Beltek etc. Usually found in most homes this modern gadget must be regularly maintained and repaired so that these washing machines work in sophisticated manner. So keep your washing machine in running condition always with gurgaonrepairs. Our repairmen are certified skilled professionals with impeccable record to serve you with highest quality.

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