Gurinder Bhatti — A man who turns dreams into reality!

Some personalities are so renowned that no proper introduction is needed. Gurinder Bhatti happens to be one such distinguished personality. Having a very good understanding of the educational system abroad, Mr Bhatti desires to be the ladder which helps apprentices acquire knowledge from top universities across the sphere.

Studying on foreign soil is never easy. There are numerous issues which students have to deal with every day. Add to the fact that the educational system in abroad is also quite complicated. Mr Bhatti, once being an international student himself, is well acquainted of those day to day problems. Making good usage of his familiarity and knowledge, he began as a foreign educational consultant in 2001.

Man with a vision:
His aim was to help students desiring to attain a degree from foreign soil and who, just like him, possess zeal to achieve nothing but mastery.

The big change came 7 years later when Mr Bhatti started off ESS Global. Mr Bhatti believed that the key to pursuing education abroad was through a strong platform. Through this institution, his objective was to give students moral and physical backing and aiding them to find a way to a prosperous career.

Gurinder Bhatti ESS Global conducts face to face sessions with students and each of their concerns are addressed adequately. Students get ample scope to share their career objective. And accordingly get expertized tips from Mr Bhatti or his team of specialists in regards to choosing the university as well as subject with utmost precision.

Gurinder Bhatti ESS Global also gives some job opportunities which apprentices can carry out during the course of their studies. Many students have financial issues which prevent them from realizing their education dream.

Gurinder Bhatti with his institution caters to that as well. His tips and guidance on approaching banks and financial institutions advantage students, making the most of their investments.

Services provided by ESS Global:
Apart from that, there are numerous services given away by ESS Global including-
Career counselling
IELTS training
Bank processing and documentation
Pre-departure and post-arrival requirements
Health check-up procedures
Travel procedures 
Accommodation services

Helps you sail through your VISA interview procedures:
Furthermore, Gurinder Bhatti ESS VISA ensures that all important travel documents are arranged on time and no such pre-arrival complications take birth. The approval of apprentices will be conducted in superlative fashion abiding all legal processes.

Mr Bhatti and ESS also give students foreign exchange services ensuring they manage exchange rates fuss free.

Regarding the VISA questioning, Gurinder Bhatti ESS VISA conducts a proper briefing on the probable questions which students may face. He and his expert team guide novices to maintain transparency in their answers. All the essential preparations needed to be done are made thorough by Mr Bhatti.

Final words on the man:
Good education from a reputed university is very important for making a head start in life. During the course of 8 years, Gurinder Bhatti with his institution has transformed the lives of so many students seeking for foreign education. His contribution to cardinals of students makes him a true inspiration. Henceforth, if you aspire to study abroad, Mr Bhatti is unquestionably the person you ought to get in touch with.