The New Wave of VC
Aashay Sanghvi

Aashay, love the article, very well-written! Im 22, and in my experience, I resonate with what you wrote. When I was first learning about VCs, I had the perception of old wall street cats in suits, only investing in members of the fellow boys club. However, I also knew that the archetype of entrepreneurs was changing, as well. CEOs used to be the guy/girl isolated in their private office smoking cigars on a tiger rug. Now, they are rubbing elbows with their engineers at a WeWork. This being said, it is only natural for the VCs to adapt, evolve rather. One thing holds true, Entrepreneurs respect any VC that has gone through the trenches themselves, it makes everything more ground-level. Anyways, I really enjoyed your post, keep up the good work. #winning