An Easier Way to Track Your Blood Pressure with wrist BP Machine

Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with Case — Large Display is a handy equipment for measuring blood pressure at the wrist. It’s a must have device for all BP patients or those who want to detect it early. Fitted with large display, this device measures BP and pulse simultaneously energy efficiently.

Hypertension is a global ailment with its prevalence being nearly 40 percent all over the world whereas it’s slightly lower in developed world ie. just below 35 percent. It is suggested by all health regulatory bodies to keep a check on one’s BP and detect hypertension at the earliest as it is precursor of heart attack, stroke, renal failure or osteopathy.

Many BP apparatuses have been doing the round in the market for couple of decades now. Most of them measure the blood pressure in the arm. However, the reading of same could be unreliable in those having arm circumference larger than average. Santamedical has brought in the market, their new product ie. Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with Case — Large Display. The USP of the device is, it measures the cloud pressure over wrist in radial artery and is especially useful for those with big arms. It measures the BP using a cuff tied on the wrist. It takes the reading by inflating the cuff intermittently and can store up to last 60 readings. The device is battery operated and accommodates 2 AAA sized batteries which are consumed in energy efficient way. The device measures the pulse rate with accuracy simultaneously with the blood pressure. The small sized device has got a robust quality built and fairly reliable. It is US FDA approved and measures the blood pressures ranging from 30–280 mm Hg with an accuracy of 3mm Hg. The display is large and easy to read even for elderly users. It also sports an emergency stop button.

The portable device can easily be carried along while traveling and comes handy in homes where any hypertension patient is already there. Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor can easily be ordered on Amazon at a very reasonable price. So just login to Amazon, before the device goes out of stock.

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