Get a Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker at $9.95

These days the more advanced technology you use the more money you have to spend on it but Liztek has brought water proof Bluetooth shower speaker for just $ 9.95.

Bluetooth speakers are in vogue these days with them you can enjoy supreme quality music anytime anywhere. Everyday several companies afloat the market with new technologies and much advancement than the earlier ones so that things become easier for us but the more advanced technology the more expensive is the device. Liztek has involved new technology and transformed it’s speakers by making them water proof. Now you can enjoy your favorite track even while taking the shower and most amazing part is the price of this device which is only $ 9.95, isn’t it great!

Below are some of its essential features such as:-

Water Resistant: The Bluetooth speaker is built from water resistant technology endowing you the freedom to use it even in bathroom. It has got 3.0 Bluetooth giving easy connectivity without any pairing or coding and one can easily access this device even with distance of 33ft. So now keep your expensive mobile phone and tabs away and hang this water proof Bluetooth Shower speaker on shower panel and enjoy your favorite song even while having bath.

High Definition Sound: It has got 2.25" thick suction cup endowing you stupendous sound quality and high definition music.

Compatibility: The speaker is compatible with different operating systems such iOS, android & windows and music files of different formats such as mp3 and mp4 can be accessed.

Several Tabs: The device has got several music controlling tabs such as play, pause, previous, forward and many others and has also got a built-in microphone.

Portable: The device is highly portable having size of about your soap bar with dimensions of 4 x 3.5 x 2.7 inch and weighs on 3 ounces.

Battery: It has got built-in rechargeable battery which can play the music continuously for six hours.

All these features and 100% money back guarantee comes for just $ 9.95 giving you amazing sound which can be enjoyed at any place and you avail this device from Amazon.

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