Gurin launches Professional Otoscope With Hard Plastic Case

Gurin has recently launched Professional Otoscope powered by 2 “C” batteries which comes with a swivel magnifying lens and three re-usable specula. All this comes along with a hard plastic case. The company is also providing a spare 2.5V halogen lamp. The device is sturdy and robust for home as well as professional use

Otoscope is an instrument to peep in to the ear and is used by the doctors. However with increasing health awareness more and more people are laying their hands on this equipment now. However it still remains the domain of the doctors mainly.

Gurin had been in to manufacturing of health care products for professionals and the brand holds a reputation amongst most of the healthcare providers. They have recently launched a professional otoscope.

The Gurin professional otoscope comes with hard plastic cover which protects the equipment against any possible damage. The built quality of the product is sturdy yet light weight and weighs merely 11.2 ounces. It’s got a pin contact fitting otoscope head which improves the visualization of interior of auditory canal and tympanic membrane. It comes with three re-usable specula which make it ideal for multi user employability at home and also for the hygienic professional practice. It has got a swivel magnifying glass which improves the functionality of the product.

The box also contains a spare 2.5V halogen lamp. The unit is powered by 2 “C” batteries which provide more than sufficient illumination within the ear. The ergonomic grip of the instrument makes the handling and maneuvering easy and it’s a treat working with this instrument. It’s easy usability makes it suitable for home use as well. The efficient battery life makes the equipment last through greater number of aural examinations.

The product is newly launched by Gurin and is readily available at Amazon at a price very reasonable for the quality you are getting. The fast delivery and the trust of the brand Gurin make the product even more charming.