Gurin Wireless Dehumidifier Now Available On Walmart

Gurin now launches DHMD-110 on Walmart, it’s renewable device working on smart crystallized silica gel and requires no power plugs and batteries.

Dehumidifier is a device which exert away the excess humidity in a room through various methods such us converting them into water, water vapour, etc. Such dehumidifier are available in different sizes to cater rooms of different square feet and are very commonly used in high humid regions like Florida, Louisiana, Texas, California, and many other states of USA. Gurin is a brand which is into manufacturing several quality devices and it’s dehumidifier has earned immense response on Amazon and observing its increasing demand the company has made Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier available on Walmart.

Gurin DHMD-110 is a small dehumidifier serving the area up to 550 cubic feet, which makes it perfect dehumidifier for small cabinets and closets. This device is a great relief for people leaving in high humid regions as it will prevent damaging of clothes and other valuables due to excess of moistness, mildew and moisture rots. The device does not require any battery or socket to plug in as it’s a 100% renewable. It works on crystallised silica gel which is really amazing, it absorbs 8–10 ounces moisture for about 6–8 weeks depending upon the intensity of the humidity. The dehumidifier also has an indicator window having moisture meter crystals which is blue initially representing the dry crystals and when it turns pink it represents that crystals are moist completely and needs to be renewed. To renew the device all one needs to do is to remove it from that place, plug it to the power socket in a well ventilated area, it has got a built-in heater which warms the silica gel releases the moisture in the form of vapors and to renew completely it will take 12–14 hrs after which you can use the device again. This device is very durable having life of around ten years and it comes with five years warranty.

It’s noiseless, spilproff, odorless, non toxic device and now available on Walmart at a very reasonable price so log on to Amazon and place your order now!

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