How to weight loss- Just one step Away

Get on the bathroom scale every day

The weighting machine is not your enemy.

If you have a goal to lose your weight, then our research will be very useful for you. With the help of this research you will definitely lose your weight.

Earlier we believe that we must check our weight once in a week but according to new research we must use the scale every day to know our weight.

Why to use daily scale according to new research.

Keep checking your weight for first 12 weeks that you have gained weight or not.

Two years research on 162 overweight gym members to check their weight on daily basis and make the chart and you will find they have lose weight.

By another research on other overweight adults, we have found that they have lost weight by using scale every day. This research was followed with the tips and encouragements among the volunteers. According to that there is no increase of depression among them.

By this new research we have found no negativity among the volunteers’. By this research we came to know that people has a history of eating disorder. By this you will know how much you are losing weight every hour by hours or day by day. With the help of this you will be knowing how much you have lost in waist size and clothing fit. If you see that your weight is increasing you will become conscious and will start taking care of your weight again.

If you are having dinners out of your house than you will see your weight is increased and if you will have some snacks at night, you will see your weight will drop in few days.

If you will check your weight daily in the morning, then you will definitely take care of your intake in the whole day which will helpful for you in losing weight.

Some tips for your daily weighing

• check your weight daily in the morning with the same dress you wear. You must check your weight on the daily basis..

• Use enabled Wi-Fi scale which will measure accurate weight and you can keep the record of that.

Digital Bathroom scales also track body mass index and body fat percentage.

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