Liztek launches a Small and Sample 4 Port USB Wall Charger for Traveler

Liztek four ports USB wall charger is a must have charger for those having multiple gadgets. It’s safe and easy to use with compatibility amongst the range of brands and input voltage from 100 to 240 volts. Available at Amazon, the device has two fast charging ports as well which saves a lot of time and ideal for travelers.

With increasing pace of life and even faster pace of technological advancements, it’s a common occurrence to find yourself surrounded by gadgets. Almost all the gadgets have a common feature these days and that is their USB charging. And, these days not having a gadget is less painful than having a discharged gadget.

Liztek has been in electronic items manufacturing for a good period now and the brand is fairly popular amongst users. The Liztek has just launched a four ports USB wall charger. The device is sleek and light weight to find its way in to the bags of travelers. It’s flip down AC prongs keep the size more under control.

The device features for USB ports which are available to the user for charging. Two amongst these are 2.4 amps 5 volts output ports which allow super fast charging of your devices. Rest two ports give an output of 1.5 amps 5 volts. The device is built with Liztek’s SmartLiz technology which automatically adjusts it’s output as per the requirement of the device being charged. The device is safe at the same time. It’s made up of industry grade plastic and is UL certified. The device also complies with BC 1.2 criteria.

The device gives you an effective method to charge all your gadgets at the same time, thus saving time. This 4 ports USB Wall charger can charge all the devices of all family members together as it is compatible with almost all brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry etc. The device can easily be ordered at Amazon and it comes with a detailed user manual and 18 months hassle free manufacturer’s warranty.