Now You Can Use Reusable Tens Electrode Pads and Save More Money

As you know that Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens) and Electric muscle simulation (EMS) is one of the best technique for massage and to get rid of from the pain.

Electrode pads are used in the Tens electronic massager to pass the electronic vibration and give a simulation to the pain area. Due to today’s hectic schedule use of Tens massager is increasing day by day. Same is with these reusable electrode pads. These pads stick to the pain area and a continuous and farm vibration. Santamedical electrode is used by many professional and in normal house hold for the massage. These pads are made of very high quality adhesive which make it more reusable. If you are using this Tens/EMS machine for a long duration then these pads last for 20–30 days or even long depend upon the uses.
These pads come with the pre-gel so it very easy in use just take them out place on the pain area and after finishing place them back to the electrode pad which is included in packet. If you purchase some low quality pads then after 4 or 5 times of use you will start feeling burning sensations. That is not the case with the Santamedical pads. These electrode pads are very effective and supply maximum charge for the simulation. It’s very comfortable in use and doesn’t create any sort of irritation. Lead of these pads is very strong and penetrated in the pad very deeply so no chances of wire break.
This pack has 40 electrode pads of 2 * 2 inch which is perfect size to be placed on shoulder and back. These reusable pads pack to 40 electrode pads in just $18.95 which is very less considering the reusability of these pads.

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