Lost and Found

I found my lost soul in paragraphs of his stories,

I found my lost soul in stanzas of his songs,

I found my lost soul in lyrics of his music,

I found my lost soul in footsteps of his dance moves,

I found my lost soul in his tears, his laughter, his anger, his sorrow, his apology, his forgiveness, his dreams and his home,

I found and lost myself in him,

And there is this story only we will fully ever understand.

I capture him through every beautiful memory of our past,

Detailed in vivid description of our dreams,

And all I ever wanted to tell him standing in front of him was,

“The only thing I ever wanted in life is standing right in front of me and smiling!”

PS: “And your fragrance shall be my breath,

And together we shall rejoice through all the seasons.”- Khalil Gibran

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