That Soul ❤

What is he like?

I realised that he is but —

a melancholic soul.

He is like —

the glimmering night;

which has the lighting of a zillion stars but the background of the dark night.

He is like —

the flame of the candle;

which has the burning flicker but the ever dilapidating wax.

He is like —

the kite in the sunny day;

flying high with the wind but lonely in the sky.

He is like —

the evergreen song;

playing in ever soothing soul but wretching much through the lyrics.

I consider him to be the symphony of the beautiful instruments,

Playing a tune that would break hearts, open souls to wander,

But he conceals that harmony to his melancholic soul.

He wants to hold on and never let go,

But keeps it to his goodbyes,

Because love would mean some falling and he is afraid of heights!