The Wink Man

I know the title of the passage might amaze you, how can it be about someone who has inspired you. It might puzzle you as to why I call him the Wink Man. So as I enter my new life last year, feeling a gust of emotion inside my stomach, thinking rather assuming the wonderful things that are going to happen to me on the “floor”, as they called it, I am anxious about my feelings as well. I sit on the seat assigned to me wondering what is the next step. After getting enough assistance, I start my day trying to figure out the nitty gritties of my new work life.

In a while, I hear a bang behind me and looked back, it was this reasonably tall looking man walking towards me, having his identity card reactor in his hand, whirling it in circular motion, banging it on the desks. I assumed in my head that he is going to greet me like everyone else has and make me feel comfortable. To my surprise, in the most casual tone, I hear this man asking me if I was done with the task assigned to me, to which I dreadfully replied no and he signed off, making a face. After investigation from people around it was revealed to me that he is what they my “boss” and my life in the organisation is largely going to depend on his presence. I was not quite happy with my initial interaction with this man but I decided to make up for it in the next interaction with him. A few days passed by and trying to explore the people around and trying to get a sight of them, I always found myself looking at him when he was moving his identity card in circular motion. His behaviour amazed me, on popular opinion, he was a cool headed man but I guess I had assumed him to be the villain on my life having a gun in his hand moving it in the circular motion. I use to avoid interactions with him as I was not sure of my response to his questions. The D day came, when he came and sat beside me and bombarded me with questions from all spheres of my life and intimidated my existence by responding things with his sarcastic remarks. My belief of epitomising his as the villain in my work life became even more firm and in the due course of time, people around including him detected this fear inside me and sooner, started to embark happiness from it. And with this phase extending, my fear kept growing. But what is remarkable in this whole phase is, he never took a back in making me teach things, he wanted to. He did scare me and have fun at my expense but perhaps it never took away the knowledge dissipation he wanted to do and these moments, I started to look up to his stature as a teacher.

Soon after this phase and several ice breaking sessions with him, I saw the magnificence of this man but wait why are we calling him the “Wink Man”. Well that is pretty much that he is, so like Sherlock has his coat, this man wears his wink. So be it his happiness or consent or dismay, he wore it and how. His responses to a lot of things had an embellishment of his wink attached it and soon people around him, including me, started to see it as his existence. So my journey as an employee was massively dependent on his presence and it was to now think of it, it was by choice. So he was a restless soul, as much as he was the most humorous man on the floor, he meant business when required, so I had a love hate relationship with this man. A lot of times, his words use to keep penetrating in my mind and soul for days and days and I use to try and make conscious efforts to learn from his teachings. Yes, he has become a teacher in my life from whom I wanted to learn life lessons. His behaviour use to startle me, he had all the energy once and silent in the next moment and a gush of anger use to pass him in the other moment but yet again the teacher that he was, never left him. In moments, he had lost all faith in my understanding of things, I had disappointed him as an employee and his response was brutally honest, which yes did hurt the sentiments I was living by but these were things I wasn’t doing by choice but I remember trying to learn from his anger, from his agitation, from his everyday humour and I slowly wanted to imbibe the qualities he possessed. But like Rome was not built in a day, my aspirations could not have been achieved in the time frame I was under his learning.

I consider the Wink Man as my mentor who walked me through the path of learning, I look up to him as an inspiration for the life lessons he has gained over the course of his life and I characterise him as an important element in my learning in the past year in terms of all the realms of life we connected with. May be today and for the coming years, we did not land on same judgements and beliefs in the different sphere of issues but what I do know is as an individual, I respect his believes as he has an unbiased approach to issues and the wink on his face under different circumstances defy him from being untruthful. May be I was not the best student he could have had or he has had but I have aspired to learn from him and his diverse personality in the past year of my journey.

I could pay an ode to him by saying these lines by Ron Orcutt:

“You are the one that guides me
 When I’m lost in the darkness of night
 When I’m adrift on a sea of doubt
 You are my guiding light
 You are the one who hears my voice
 When my words are held within
 You are the one that calms me
 When my world is crashing in
 You are the one I talk to
 When no one can understand
 You are the one that walks with me
 You hold my trembling hand
 You are the one who sees me
 For what I hope to be
 You are the one that lifts me up 
 To be more than I can be.”

So I tried finding the light inside me and people around by trying to learn from the light he exuberated from him and I wish to think myself as an ardent learner of his.

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