Without You!

I don’t think I will truly learn to let go of you.
I think I’ll learn how to sleep without my head on your chest even though I would rather it be there.
I think I’ll learn how to drive to places without crying at the sound of your favourite old song on the radio.
I think I’ll learn how to fake a smile even though I’m so sad and so heart broken it hurts to even breathe.
I don’t think I’ll ever learn how to talk to other boys without seeing pieces of you in them.
I think whenever I see something beautiful such as the sunset or ocean, I’ll wish you were there to see it with me.
I will never forget the way you made me feel when you called me beautiful.
I don’t think I’ll ever truly let go of a first love profess I made to you. I think I’ll just learn how to live with a broken heart and exist, survive and be.
With you there, somewhere there, I’ll forget my existence finding the answers to “why not you?”

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