Talks with the Mirror

So, here i sit, in front of the mirror , looking at that dull face .looking for the reason why the head was aching for the last one and a half hour. 
Wondering why the food , i binged on, couldnt take away the ache this was great as always;though like before it couldnt make the ache disappear. 
Just a Thought ,maybe the tightly tied ponnytail was the cause.removed the hair tie but the ache was still there. 
Got a call from a friend.and i felt like throwing off the phone because i’m tired of pretending that i’m okay.

Zillion thoughts working up though i fail to get them inked on the white sheet.

Have listened to all the advices.they say they are happy to help.but its me alone who can help myself and i’ll say i’m trying. 
Maybe i’ll get to that state once again, where i deserve to be. 
But it gets hard as it goes.i’m asked to be happy.i’m asked to pretend to be happy even if i’m not.i’m asked to move on.i’m asked to avoid remembering 'the perfect one' .i’m asked to love myself. 
And i’ll say i’m trying. 
I’m trying. 
But its hard .its even harder to feel those bright days change into the dull ones. And somehow, i feel like i will be used to this melancholy./