A short note for those who find it difficult to stop obsessing about the future

This is a reminder that everything will be okay.

This is a reminder, telling you that regardless of if things go as planned or not, it is not the end.

You’ve made it this far, stressing earlier about this very day. You’re doing just fine, aren’t you?

Please don’t forget to be present and enjoy all that’s around you. I’ve made this very mistake, and now regret not allowing myself to enjoy the times that I will not get back, with some people I may never interact with again.

Obsessing about the future, will only make you regret the past.

Do yourself a favour and find it in you to look past all the uncertainty. Because, regardless of how much you try and prepare, tomorrow will come at the same pace as yesterday left.

But you won’t get to live today again.

Your reality is now.

You’ll never be entirely ready. You don’t have to be. That is the best part.