63 Days of Hunger for Human Rights -Activist Ends Fast, Movement to Go On

After 63 days of hunger, the hospitalized and detained human rights activist in India, Gurbaksh Singh ended his strike acting on an urgent appeal made by his worldwide supporters in light of his failing health.

At Ambala Civil hospital in the northern state of Haryana, where Gurbaksh Singh was fighting for his life under government’s detention, a number of political prisoners’ families and delegates of Sikh organizations visited him and pleaded him to choose life over death. Many supporters from around the world also wrote heartfelt appeal letters for him to end his fast, thanking him for the great sacrifice he has made in bringing awareness to the plight of unjustly held political prisoners in India. After a whole week of persuasion, Gurbaksh Singh finally relented.

In his message to the media as he was discharged from the hospital to recover at home, Gurbaksh Singh said, ‘’I was directed by the families of the prisoners and supporters around the world to choose life. I accept their command. My hunger strike has ended but the movement continues. ‘’

In the last week after Gurbaksh Singh’s detention and government’s prohibitive actions on the supporters to continue the movement, the team had to go from place to place to find a base camp only to be detained by the Police and be evicted from each one of them, in Haryana, New Delhi and in their native state of Punjab.

The Police also threatened and abducted the media channel crew that was covering the movement.

The media in India that was notably silence in the first 60 days of the hunger strike is now reporting the movement to have failed and finished with the end of the hunger strike.

Gurbaksh Singh and his supporters vow that the fight for justice will go on.
Gurbaksh Singh is demanding the release of political prisoners who have been held for many years beyond the completion of their minimum sentences. You can read more about his movement here.

Gurbaksh Singh, Human Rights Activist who completed 63 days of Hunger to free unjustly held prisoners in India on Jan 15th 2015.
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