Must have features in your attendance management system

Attendance Management systems are basic requirements of any progressive organisation. Normally HR of any organisation sit and deal with such systems and if you are calculating employee’s salary from their working hours, employees must be having grievances(though they may not share). To have a higher employee’ satisfaction level, your AMS must have these features-

Go Mobile — Gone are the days, when attendance and leave data of employees was marked on papers and workbooks. In last decade many companies have been using cloud based attendance management solution, but handy mobile app to keep track of your employee’s attendance is the need of the hour. AquaHR provides you a simple self service employee app and an intelligible Cloud based admin panel.

Alerts which can increase productivity — Normally attendance management systems are not designed to help in enhancing team’s productivity. Think of an app sending you an alert ‘Hurry up, it’s time to go to office’ or ‘Looks like you are in mood of taking off today, apply leave.’ Such alerts will keep your employee connected with office and help them in managing their time and priorities.

No proxy — use biometric — Biometric devices provide you proxy-free check-in/check-out time of your team members. Usually all the biometric devices come with a window based software. Now imagine you can only use that software on a same computer and sometimes employer hires someone to manage those not-so-user friendly systems. AquaHR can be integrated with more than 50 types of biometric devices and can show you data anywhere in your mobile, tab or computer.

Information that matters –

Scenario 1 — Getting important alerts as SMS/Email

Checking your email as the first thing in morning — you don’t do this, never mind. You will get an SMS in morning that ‘Mr. X of your team is on leave today.’

Scenario 2 — All your team members are in office yet?

You have a client meeting to attend in morning, and you are worried that who has come on time and who has not. You will get an email ‘Mr. Y has checked in 20 minutes late’

Scenario 3 — Employee retention

One of your employees has started sitting late in office, and you get an alert from AquaHR. Is the motivation level high? or Misusage of official resources? Well, you can talk and understand.

Scenario 4 — Women safety

It 8:45 PM and shift timings are over, but one of your female employee is sitting in office. I am sure you would like to be informed about this. AquaHR would do this.

Scenario 5 — Managing field team

You have a team that works out of office. Are they really at the location where they are supposed to be? No worries. AquaHR will give you option to let you decide that ‘Mr. M can check-in/check-out manually and believe me you can track his location as well’

Data safety and backup — Be assured your data is safe and backed up every couple of hour at secured Amazon servers.