Why do we just want to leave everything and start travelling one day?

I,you everyone wants to travel. Just change our destination and start moving to places that are unknown to us, but have unique existence in the space.We travel to find peace, spirituality, humanity and in the end find ourself. India is one such place where all these terms get fulfilled. In the north lies a good place Amritsar. Having presence not only in the history books but in the mind of most intellectual species present on the planet earth. All roads here lead to the Golden Temple.

The aura of this place is perfect, people just moving and moving one after another. In a search to discover myself and get answer to above million dollar question this place was precise perfect. The believe in god leads to make you believe in yourself, and if you believe in yourself you leave things behind and afford to think beyond boundaries and try to do things you wish you had done earlier. It’s the highest power which makes us believe nothing will go wrong if we do what we dream.

I dream of traveling, someone else may have any other dream of same intensity. So we just want to leave everything and start travelling one day accept it or not because we believe in god. If god didn’t exist, we wouldn’t afford to give wings to our dreams.

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