Bangalore — Part 3

My first trekking experience.

I’m writing a series of articles, sharing my experiences here in Bangalore. If you haven’t read the first part, start here.

This is the story of my first Trek.

It was a regular evening at the office when me and Satwik started discussing about going on a trek. 5 mins later, we were looking for affordable rental cars for our weekend getaway.

After sifting through all different combinations of price and time packages, reviews on Quora and thrillophilia, we finalized on going to the very popular Nandi Hills for our weekend getaway and booked a Swift Dezire from Zoomcar for just 2100 INR.

After working all week, it was finally Friday, and we were very excited.

Why wouldn't, we! When you Google Nandi Hills, you’ll find breathtaking photos by travelers and photographers alike.

A view from the top

Me and Satwik left office early to get some some comfortable clothing, after which we all were going to meetup at my place at 11 PM for the late-late night dinner, and finally leave at 2.30 AM

Here’s the whole gang.

From far to close — Srijan, Raghav, Dushyant, Satwik and me.

After eating and resting for some time, we finally left for the journey.

I say journey and not destination because, we didn't end up reaching Nandi Hills.

Funny, right? Keep reading.

Our road trip started out great.

Empty roads. Cold Bengaluru Winds, and weird songs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It was 3 AM, just 15 kms away from Nandi Hills when we hit a road block (literally).

There must have been something wrong in our stars that night, because after planning for days, when we finally set out a weekend for our trip, there was some sort of Cycling Event going on from 3–10 am JUST THAT SATURDAY :(

We were not the only one though. There were others as well who had to park their cars, come out in the freezing cold weather (it was about 6°C) and have a word with the totally stoned/tired/high/drunk/whatever-you-want-to-call policemen who were their on patrol duty.

I don’t know what they had that night, but they were not even ready to listen what any of us had to say.

Disappointed, we started looking for nearby hills to hopefully make something out of our weekend.

We found out that Skandigiri hills were just 20 kms from where we were, looked nice in online photos and the reviews were good as well.

Skandigiri Hills

And so we started going.

After experiencing a turmoil of emotions to the journey (which, this article cannot do justice, you’ll have to sit and listen to me tell you about it) we reached the entry point of Skandigiri.

It was 3.45 AM. Pitch black.

Skandigiri is a night trek, but due to recent found presence of leapords and other wild animals, especially at night, the government has suggested people to not go on these hills unless with a large group of people.

We were 5 guys, and mard to dard ho na ho, dar zarur lagta hai.

We again opened our web browsers and started looking for the next possible destination. We found Avalbetta Hills, which were the nearest on our way, and had good reviews.

And so we continued.

Unlike a lot of road trips, this one reminded me of every horror show I had watched throughout childhood. With all different kinds of scary trees, with their branched hanging out over the roads, all different kinds of animals sounds, no matter how tired you are from your week, you won’t be able to sleep in such circumstances.

One barely visible photo i could capture from my phione.

But finally after about an hour, we finally reached the entry gate of Avalbetta.

It was 5.45 AM.

About 15–20 mins to sunrise. And we did not go through this much trouble to even miss this.

2 kms steep trek. 20 mins. Challenge Accepted.

The parking area out the entry gate at Avalbetta
Left-: Forward | Right : Behind

After a grueling, back breaking, calf paining 20 mins, we reached the top. And it was breathtaking.

A View from the Top
When you are tired AF and suddenly ‘O o jaane jaana…’ starts playing.

Even if you plan to come to Bangalore for a few days, I would highly recommend going to this trek. It’s worth it.

We had not slept for about 26 hours now, once we reached the top, all the tiredness was gone.

The sun was out, and we see all forms of life in their natural habitat. The farms, small kids going out to school with parents, the hustle-bustle of daily life.

“ Sometimes the best rides are the ones where you start out undecided, convinced you’re going to cave in and turn round but you don’t, you hang on in there, find that rhythm and rediscover that elusive form. That’s the story of our ride.”

And that’s the end of part 3. Part 1 of this series — here.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.