Daily Musings — 9th April 2017

There are some rather strange individuals out there.

A female friend has told me that an ex-boyfriend has sent her a video of himself having intercourse with another girl. Before blocking her.

To me that makes no sense at all. What is it meant to achieve? It is also incredibly dangerous because say it leaks? I’m certain my friend wouldn’t do it, but there’s always a risk an electronic file of that nature can leak. Just ask all the celebrities that have been victim of hacks over the last couple of years.

It’s just a really weird thing to do. I presume the aim was to make my friend jealous, but she quite clearly doesn’t really care what he does.

What do you think is the best way to respond to such a thing?

On this day in 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered his men at the Appomattox Court House.

Lee was one of the greatest military commanders of his generation. Graduating second out of his class at West Point.

The man who beat him, Charles Mason resigned within a year and became a judge.

Some people view Lee as a racist as he thought for the South. I learnt in A-Level History, he detested slavery and he and Jackson, his deputy did not keep slaves. Lincoln offered him the chance to be Commander-in-Chief of the Union forces, but Lee refused. He felt honour bound to the CSA being Southern, even though he didn’t agree with what they were fighting for. After the war, he was accepted back into the US Army and saw out a career as an educator.

Frederick Benteen, himself from Virginia was the opposite. Despite being Southern, he choose to fight with the Federal forces. His father, Theodore wrote him a letter saying “I hope the first God damned bullet gets you.” Benteen would later misinterpret Custer’s message at the Battle of Little Big Horn, leaving Custer’s men stranded on Last Stand Hill without adequate ammunition.

The decisions of Lee and Benteen, ask an important question. In conflict, do you side with the nation you are a citizen of or the nation that you agree with ideologically?

Lastly, on a more light-hearted note, term is over. The sun is back. I think sometimes people forget to recharge the batteries and lose their MoJo. I’ve certainly done it and so have some around me, but I guess now is a good time for a short break. The Vitamin D from the sunshine really does improve people’s moods. During February and March, there were some sunny days, but this week, it’s been good throughout, which is nice.

Have a nice week folks, ❤.