Daily Musings — 11th April 2017

This musings is a tad early as I have other stuff to do later.

I’d like to start by congratulating Sam Allardyce and Crystal Palace (featuring my boy James Tomkins) for sending the whole of Arsenal FC into retirement, something which we failed to do a mere five days before.

Palace got into Arsenal’s faces and didn’t collapse.

Arsenal fans’ and their attitude amazes me. Crying because you’ve only got Champions League in 21 consecutive seasons. Poor darlings. They’re upset because they might only finish 5th or 6th, that’s worse than being relegated. When comparing their squad to other clubs, Arsenal fans are adamant that their squad is full of class and could win the title.

So what’s the chants of “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” all about? To be clear, their squad definitely isn’t good enough to win the league. If I was in charge, I’d be signing a back-up ‘keeper, back-up right back, back-up centre back, a new left back and a back up (Arsenal currently have two good second choice left backs), a defensive midfielder who isn’t a liability, a winger and a striker. Any Arsenal fans really disagree with that? That’s half a team.

Last week, I missed that it was the 22nd anniversary of the release of A Goofy Movie — the first film I ever owned on DVD. It may not be the best movie, with a poor soundtrack but it’s simple and sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make you smile. Look how much joy sports fans get from watching someone put in some effort.

North Korea says it’s provoked by US movement toward the Peninsula.

These movements are actually fairly routine in the region and the wider world. Russian planes regularly test out NATO airspace and China moves into the sea to test out regional competitors.

So the comments are a bit strange to say the least. Routine threatens North Korea? China is beginning to turn its’ back on the hermit state, which could spell the end for the regime, of course. But it’s been on the brink of collapse before and survived, so who knows?