Daily Musings — 12th March 2017

From last evening to this evening, Jewish families around the world are celebrating Purim.

The holiday marks the saving of all the Jews in Persia from Haman, a royal vizier who wanted to kill all of them by Mordecai and Esther.

One of those families is Ivanka Trump’s family. The 35 year old converted before her wedding to Jared Kushner. She marked the day by baking cookies with her children and uploading a picture to Instagram.

Critics responded by saying she was using “child labor” to promote her image. I don’t understand it. A mother baking cookies with her children? On a holiday, in which many families of the same faith do the same?

I really feel people are clutching at straws with this. By all means attack Trump for stuff he’s actually done that you disagree with. But to go after his daughter and her kids, I don’t understand what they hope to gain. If it’s a Trump re-election in 2020, they are doing a good job, though. Claims like this don’t make people agree with you.

I would like to wish all Jewish families a very happy Purim, should they be celebrating it.

Elsewhere, Spurs hosted Millwall. On episode three of Messi Situation, a co-host said Harry Kane would be targeted by Millwall’s defenders. He did go of injured although the injury appears more to do with awkward movement than a tackle. I think Kane does well for Spurs as they’re set up to play entirely to his strengths. Which is why I think Janseen has struggled. It’s never nice to see a player injured, so I wish Kane a rapid recovery.

In terms of the game, Heung Min Son responded perfectly to racist abuse by scoring a hat-trick. I heard him being booed early on, but couldn’t think why. Then I realised who the opposition were and my fears were confirmed after the game. There’s no need for that. Whilst, the rest of English football have moved on, Millwall seem stuck in the 1970’s.

This as it stands will be the last Sunday Musings in the current format. I am considering doing guest articles on Sunday. If this is something you would like please let me know, if there’s another format you want to see, let me know also.

Have a lovely week, too. ❤