Daily Musings — 13th April 2017

In no way was it appropriate for Borussia Dortmund to take the field against Monaco, last night.

The players were clearly too shaken. You only have to look at Nuri Sahin’s interview after the game. Sahin’s face tells you even then his mind is elsewhere. Dortmund played with a lot of heart, but I don’t know how they could be expected to play that game.

Others have pointed out the fixture calendar is tight with the second leg due next week. But you could easily play this leg after the one at the Stade Louis II. You can still stagger the ties, as long as the Final is played on the correct date.

For TV purposes, UEFA stagger the second knockout round matches over four matchdays. Games are moved for the likes of Sky at really short notice, even if it inconveniences one of the teams and complaints fall on death ears.

UEFA informed Dortmund via text as well. Classy.

I found it apt that Leicester were victims of a poor penalty decision, they won a few last season. It meant I wasn’t that impressed with their title win as I should’ve been. Atletico, also could’ve had a penalty earlier for a Ndidi foul on Carrasco.

Education Secretary, Justine Greening, says that grammar schools must do more than serve affluent families.

I agree, however, that is the objective of grammar schools. They are equipped to allow bright students from a range of economic backgrounds.

A lot of state comprehensives are becoming academies, mine was one of them. Academies are run like businesses, so all this private schools are wrong because they’re run like businesses, is a bit hot and cold.

A contestant on US game show, Survivor, has outed a fellow contestant for being transgender.

This is really poor darts. It’s not his business to out a fellow contestant, it’s only down to the contestant.

The reaction has been that of shock, which it should be.

Have a great Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, folks. ❤.