Daily Musings — 15th April 2017

I like films, all sort of films.

When people say “You like your foreign films” or “You like old films, don’t you?”, I honestly don’t know what that even means.

I like all films. The age never comes into it. As for language, as long as it is at least subtitled in a language I can understand then that’s ok.

If I see the plot and think it might be cool, I’d watch it.

Age and language are minor things.

It reminds me of how people constantly look to label things. As someone from a minority, the constant highlighting of such annoys me and upsets me and feeds into tokenism. I want jobs and position because I’m the best person for the job.

Everton have joined Liverpool in their banning of The Sun following the Ross Barkley controversy.

I find MacKenzie’s comments deplorable. Though, as a journalist, I find it uneasy when anyone bans papers. Because it’s a fundamental right to free speech and a right to not be censored. I don’t defend MacKenzie’s comments though I do defend his right to say it. It could’ve been all been avoided if MacKenzie didn’t use the language which was unnecessary, personal and added nothing to his piece.

I’ve also decided my Premier League Team of the Season:

GK — Jordan Pickford (made world class saves whenever I’ve seen him play)

RB — Antonio Valencia (Always impressed with him, can defend and attack well)

CB — Tony Alderweireld (I think his leadership his why Spurs have such a good backline, also really good with the ball at his feet)

CB — Virgil van Dijk (Rock solid in a Southampton line which isn’t as good as it has been)

LB — Marcos Alonso (left sided Valencia)

RM — Sadio Mane (the one player in the league I’d be willing to sell Antonio for, has pace, power, goals)

CM- N’Golo Kante (Do I really need to explain?)

CM- Delle Alli (Picked up where he left off, Spurs’s tactics revolve around Kane, let he still stamps his name on games)

LM-Leroy Sane (Should be Young Player of The Year, runs fast, has good vision, very creative)

ST-Zlatan Ibrahimovic (been a phenomenon)

ST-Romelu Lukaku (still needs to work on his first touch but should win the Golden Boot)

What would your team be?