Daily Musings — 16th April 2017

Universitario de Deportes 3–0 Alianza Lima.

I’d like to have done a match report of the Peruano Clasico, but I kept on falling asleep with kick-off at 0200AM UK time.

I did see the goals. Venezuelan midfielder Arquimedes Figuera scored one of the goals of the season blasting home from 30 yards into the top corner. Alexi Gomez smashed a penalty straight down the middle. Panama international Alberto Quintero than went on a powerful run from the halfway line to score a breathtaking counterattacking goal.

From what little I saw, Los Cremas were a lot better than they have been this season. Buoyed by an amazing atmosphere inside the Estadio Monumental, they were a lot quicker and sharper than their opponents, they wanted it more.

They are already 10 points of the boil in the hunt for their 27th Primera Division having lost four of their opening nine fixtures but with 35 games and 105 points left to play for if Universitario can continue playing like last night, who knows?

The US have confirmed they are working with China over North Korea’s missile testing.

North Korea’s test has allegedly failed. The question remains that in a country with such severe economic difficulty and sanctions, how exactly did they even get to the point where they could test nuclear weapons?

Though the Kim regime threatened similar in 2013, it’s always a case of using nuclear weapons would be a last case scenario, the peninsula would be destroyed and the regime would not survive.

On this day in 1889, Charlie Chaplin was born.

As Mentioned in yesterday’s musings, I don’t understand the notion of liking “old films” in particular.

I like Chaplin. Some of his stuff is simple. But sometimes there’s beauty in simplicity. I think people are too keen to over complicate things. Relax and go with the flow, it’s far better.