Daily Musings — 16th February 2017

Today was a day of firsts.

A close friend of mine has a birthday this week, so I purchased alcohol for the first time in life to give to him as a gift.

I also played pool for the first time. Anyone who knows me knows co-ordination isn’t my forte. Still we played two games of doubles, and my team won the second. I potted two shots and rimmed three. By the end, I was starting to get to grips with the basics. I think with practice, I might be able to get to a decent level.

Pool seems like a really relaxing game. It’s not intense, you can play whilst having a pint or a meal, but at the same time it’s quite methodical. It’s also often very entertaining. Hopefully, I can play more in my downtime and start beating people one on one.

This morning’s back pages were full of analysis of Arsenal’s 5–1 drubbing at Bayern. It seems almost certain Arsene Wenger will retire at the end of this contract. From my point of view, however, Arsenal will have a tougher period of transition than Manchester United had replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. This is due to Arsenal playing a very distinctive brand of football for the last 21 years. A new manager could find it difficult implementing radical changes. Wenger should however leave with his head held up high. Arsenal have had a lot of success down to him. If you look at the squads, I don’t think you can say it’s much of a surprise they haven’t won the title since 2004. The likes of Vieria and Van Persie haven’t been replaced.

Also on another note, Lorenzo Insigne’s opener for Napoli at the Bernabeu. A lot of people were saying it was a great goal, but I still can’t work out how Navas got his positioning that wrong. Decent goalkeeping and it’s probably a routine save.

Also on another note, I learnt you can’t send jewelry to Peru (long story), so don’t, as you’ll get into trouble.