Daily Musings — 18th February 2017

So today someone mentioned existentialism.

Not a good idea.

Because you see when you’re scared about death and the meaning of existence, talking about it really doesn’t help. You may think you will feel relieved but the other person is just as uncertain, which makes you feel worse, it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve done it again now. I feel anxious. Don’t mention it and just enjoy yourself and be a nice person — you’ve got all your bases covered if that’s the case.

Tonight, I went for a friend’s birthday. Now, I’ll admit, I probably haven’t made as many friends as I hoped I would at university. I didn’t have many friends at secondary school and I guess as a result, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. I find it hard to approach people unless I have a reason to talk to them, because I’m just absolutely woeful at small-talk. I often find it quite hard to relate to people. But having said that, spending time with friends really helps as they can often introduce to other people and tonight I spoke to some people for the first time. I also find that generally if you have confidence to talk to people they’re quite receptive as most people are quite nice. Now, I would’ve liked to have been a bit more outgoing tonight but I made progress and that’s all you really need. A bit of hope that things will get better.

Also tonight saw FA Cup Fifth Round fixtures. Lincoln City beating Burnley really was great and a near full strength Burnley didn’t deserve to beat the non leaguers. I only saw the last few minutes and I listened to the rest on Five Live, but Lincoln deserved their win from what I observed. I didn’t see the other 3 o’ clock kick-offs, but I saw Toni Martinez scored again for Oxford United at Middlesbrough. Which is great, he seems to be coming along nicely. I also saw the last 15 minutes of Chelsea at Wolves and from what I saw, Chelsea’s class shone through and Wolves just didn’t have that cutting edge about it. If George Saville had buried that chance, it’d have been a different game.