Daily Musings — 20th April 2017

Yesterday clearly demonstrated The Fixed Parliaments Act is not worth the paper it is written on.

Source: The Department for Culture, Media and Sport Flickr. Creative Commons: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Introduced by Nick Clegg in 2011, it was an attempt for the Liberal Democrats to make sure the Conservatives did oust them from the government buy securing a majority to remove the need for a coalition.

But it’s pointless.

If a government wants/needs a snap election, they’ll call one, their MPs would agree.

The opposition have to back it. If they don’t it suggests one of two things.

a) They accept they will lose.

b) They would rather stay in opposition.

The law just wastes time. It will never stop a snap election.

BT and TalkTalk have been rated worst broadband providers in the UK.

Can’t talk for TalkTalk but BT are actually alright.

Virgin Media on the other hand. Ever needed to restart a router every hour for the best part of 18 months?

They must’ve come in for repairs at least four times but it never worked smoothly for longer than three days.


I’ve been watching a lot of Simon Reeves online.

This started with his documentary in Colombia but I’ve also seen his stuff in Turkey, his stuff on places that don’t actually exist and his stuff in Central Asia.

I’d also been told my culture writing is very good.

I like the stuff Reeves does. He goes to places off the beaten track. He finds out issues that aren’t really explored. His meets awesome people. The BnB owner Mersin near Sarıkamış for example seems like a proper lovely bloke.

Culture and travel writing is great because you could write about anything. I could go abroad write about sport, politics, current affairs, arts, literature, music. It seems great.

Not sure if it’s great for family life though.