Daily Musings — 21st February 2017

Today, I organised a quiz for first and second years on the BA Journalism programme.

Despite being told by someone, that some of my questions were too hard and there were too many politics questions, the quiz went well and was genuinely a nice relaxed evening. People told me I did really well and it’s nice to be appreciate. I got to speak to a few people that I don’t really know, which is always a bonus. I might upload the questions if you want, and you can see how well you’d do. As I wearing a Ramones shirt, I was asked the name of the band’s third album. I wanted to say Rocket to Russia, but I was worried sbout getting it wrong in front of everyone, I was right though.

I also had my Spanish speaking and listening exam. This was a bit hit and miss, but I’ve probably done enough to pass. It was a bit tricky at points. For example at the first question the answer I heard made no sense. I also was supposed to look out for a number as an answer but didn’t hear one. For my speaking, I basically made up a Japanese cousin and described a Spanish speaking friend, though as long as the answers are grammatically correct that is perfectly fine. I also completely forgot a word and failed to respond to a question, because I couldn’t remember the translation. At the end of the day though, it’s done, so I can forget about it, and move on to the next challenge.

Lastly, the President of Iceland has stated that he wants to ban pineapple from pizza. Whilst this was almost certainly meant tongue in cheek, I can never understand why people dislike the idea of pineapple on pizza, so much. I love a good pineapple and sweetcorn on my pizza. But I don’t force over people to eat pineapple pizza. Let me have my pizza, I let you have yours. It really is tedious having that discussion with people.

Also I just need to shootout some friends.

#Pret (If You Know, You Know)