Daily Musings — 6th March 2017

On the last three or four occasions I have left my house and walked down to the station, I have been passed by a hearse.

It is always upsetting to see a hearse. But one thing that I have noticed, is that always, someone stops to pay their respects on the bodies’ last journey. This shows to me that the majority of people are nice and respectful.

Whenever, I’ve seen this happen, it’s always been people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds too. It shows we can all live and die together in harmony if we really true.

I hope I don’t have to see anymore hearses for a while. As, of course, if I see one, it means someone who was loved who has passed away.

I spent this evening watching West Ham v Chelsea.

We did well. We played to a high tempo, passed it around nicely and tackled well. Chelsea were just a little bit better. Our heads did drop after going 0–2 down and we looked as though we’d run out of ideas. Part of the problem was Hazard butchered Kouyate. Cheik tried his best, but he isn’t a right back, his instincts are to wander centrally and he can’t cross.

Losing narrowly to a team 10 points clear in the league isn’t bad, but our season is basically over. Nothing to play for. European qualification is too far ahead and we won’t go down.

It has been reported that the leaked Glastonbury line-up is false. Which is a shame because I felt the line-up confirmed had a decent range of bands that everyone could enjoy. As a devout rock and metal fan, I understand the desire of many to keep the festival to its’ roots, but there is not anything wrong with taking a couple of acts from other genres. After all, I listen to a bit of everything really, you never know you might enjoy a new genre?