Are you worried of loosing your job ?

Everyone wants their tomorrow to be better than today. Every human being on earth strives for the better future of their life. In the technological evolution, we are becoming too much self-centric. Everybody is trying to solve their own problems. Our dependency on our friends/family is minimising every single day. We have better education and jobs which is helping us to access anything we desire. We are committed for our personal success story than never before. The digital media is helping us to access information in our fingertips and day by day our aspirations are booming to unimaginable strengths. In the last 2 decades or so, every dimension of our life has improved. Still we all feel incompleteness and hunger to want more, desire to acquire more and dreams to achieve more.

We are developing in the objective world. We are surrounded by objects, or we have objectified literally everything around us. The thoughts in our mind arises from objects. If there is no object, there is no thought. Because of the innumerable objects around us, we have innumerable thoughts in our mind. Thoughts are good for our life. Our emotions are our strengths, our feelings bring us great experiences. But the real problem is our thoughts are ever changing, emotions are distracted over time and our feelings are just superficial thought waves. Anything that is not constant and changing continuously do not bring stability. This is the reason for our unstable life patterns. With such infinite objects and thoughts we are becoming super consumers, nothing else.

We all have studied magnetism in physics. It’s a process where we bring the order/disciple in the directional flow of electrons and increase the strength of the magnet to attract iron. Same way, we can bring stability to our mind by bringing an order and direction to our thoughts.

Then how can we start living our life beyond our objectified / constantly changing thoughts ? We need subjects to fill the framework/gaps of objects. We need the intelligence of creative subjects/skills like storytelling, music, arts, painting, dance, literature, poetry, history, languages, ecology, reading, writing etc. When we start learning subjects/skills we develop a sense of deeper knowledge of new thinking in our mind which starts shaping our life in a specific pattern. The subjects/skills start building characters, knowledge, helps us to understand the life values, the relationships, the environment, the people skills, the confidence, the problem solving ability, ultimately shapes us as a better human being.

Make it a routine to allot few hours everyday to develop your subjects/skills to stay relevant in this ever changing economy. Never miss an opportunity to attend social events and talk to people. Signup for online courses and try to complete as many as possible. Attend your favourite workshops/seminars in your location. Leverage technology to express your creativity and skills. Ask help from your friends when you find difficulties.

We all know that the change is the only constant. Stop blaming your employer, government, or your teammates. Stop complaining. Give Up all your excuses for underperforming. Its your life and only you can shape or spoil it. Its in your hands. The world has given you infinite opportunities to grow. Take up the risks and raise above them. Raise and raise and raise to a level, unknowingly you will be flying oneday without any limitation. “I” stands for infinity and i wish you to regain your infinite nature.

All the best

Gurudatt Nadiger