The duality of mind

The mind always exists in duality. The very nature of our mind is duality. Duality is a state of two opposing forces acting together to nullify each other’s effect and bring harmonically state of being. Nature is the best example of duality. We see our nature behave with dual qualities all the time. The day and night, ups and downs, creation and destruction all act to bring a perfect balance in the ecosystem.

The outer physical world exists in a gross form made of 5 basic elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether called “Panchamahabhoota”. Similarly our mind is also made up of the same 5 basic elements exists in subtle form. It is difficult to understand our nature of mind and the thoughts arising from them because they are not visible and fails to confine in the context of space and time. This is the beauty of irrational mind.

We have a state of mind called “Tamas” which creates friction, resistance, inertia from taking any active actions in our life. This state of mind create fear, anxiety, laziness, depression, passivity and has a major influence on our physical activities. We tend to be physically inactive due to this state of mind. This state create passive addictions in us and this may lead to many health hazards in the future.

The state called “Rajas” creates agitation, bondage, activities poping desires through sense organs and makes your engaged in worldly objective pleasures. This state creates new habits and active all the time.

The state called “Sattva” brings peace, harmony and success to us with minimum efforts. The sattva state is the subjective world which resides insides us which makes us attain our highest human potential by developing all the right qualities and attitudes need for success.

By understanding the three qualities and duality of mind, we can slowly start to gain awareness about our psychological world. When we understand the rules of our mind like we understand traffic rules, our mind which drives our life remains intact and helps us to attain order, discipline and success in all the jobs we undertake.

Thank you

Gurudatt Nadiger