13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

Point by point:

1. This is caricature of Corbyn’s economic policies. A straw man. besides, the mainstream economic policies that we’d get instead (i.e. the ones we’ve got currently, that are failing so miserably) don’t make any sense either. Many hotshot (heterodox) economists (including at least one Nobel laureate) peg Corbyn’s policies as more viable than the mainstream alternatives. Austerity is failing. What else you got?

2. Abolishing the Corporation of London and replacing it with a democratic institution would go a long way to cleaning up the tax dodgers. The City of London is the new Switzerland. Switzerland cleaned up, and forced the gangsters and other criminals to open up their accounting history. London can do this too. Yes it damn well can! Westminster can do this at any time, but has always lacked the balls. (And/or been sweet-talked into leaving the beast to its outrageous secret gluttony). The real reason this seems to be a ‘fantasy’ is because the mainstream media have been wholly seduced by the 0.1%.

3. This is a tautology. And the fact remains that people DO switch parties. For all kinds of reasons. The little character sketch presented here is perhaps unlikely to do so, but many realistic alternatives may be imagined.

4. Sour grapes? Which other politician is pulling those kinds of crowds? Football teams? Only an apologist for bread and circuses could come up with such an absurd analogy. Compare apples to apples, please.

5. Glib ideological assumptions. Based on… what data? You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

6. Actually, Corbyn’s main policy on fossil fuels is “keep it in the ground”. So this “Corbyn wants…” is a transparent lie. Yes, he has said that the *option* of deep mining should be kept open, but only *if* clean-burn technology is viable, and only for South Wales coal. “I’ve looked at it, I’ve discussed it. It’s complicated…very expensive.” is a direct quote from Corbyn (something misssing from the article above).

7. NATO spooks started the Ukrainian conflict. NATO falsified atrocities in the Yugoslavian conflict (Kosovo) leading to escalation of fighting and the bombing of Serbian civilians (strengthening and prolonging the regime there). NATO destabilised Libya entirely on the false pretext of “humanitarian action”. Now that country has gone entirely to the dogs, and nobody in NATO seems to care about the decidedly non-humanitarian consequences of their actions. NATO may have been created of good intentions but they are certainly now a wholly rotten and evil organisation, as bad or worse than Putin and his crowd.

8. This assumes that people never change their ideological opinions, or that a lukewarm correlation in one poll is true all the time, which is patently false. Junk statistical intelligence.

9. This makes very little sense. Big bars of chocolate? This metaphor is broken. Did you really need 13 dubious reasons? 12 not good enough?

10. Gross misrepresentation of the situation in Greece and Spain, and who is responsible for the misery in those countries. (The Banks, dammit!)

11. Sucking Blair’s cock. Classy. Don’t mention the war.

12. I’m a feminist too, but this is pretty cheap tokenism. I wonder if the writer of the article is always fighting for the cause of women, or only when his opponents are to his left.

13. Yes, for some values of ‘some’. But many more have much more to gain. Not even gain, just to survive. Just to get through the month with perhaps a little to save. And that’s kinda the point. You want to feel sorry for the Sherrif of Nottingham? Go ahead. Cry me a river.