Why Tesla should get into Real Estate?

Ever since I caught the episode of Cold Fusion where Dagego talks about the Tesla Solar Tiles, I cannot shake the feeling that Elon Musk’s Solar Tiles is a lot more valuable than Musk realises. For Musk to be able to make the tiles concept widely adopted, the problem lies with the homes themselves.

While the entire concept of Solar Tiles will really add a lot of VALUE to the consumer, the product in essence will just be fit on top of an existing house. This means that the “Wow” factor of seeing something new is lost. In effect, the solar tile will only be a product that will be retrofitted on top of a house..

This is unlikely to impress early adopters.

What Musk can do, is to develop a colony with houses that are completely powered by Tesla I.e the house runs on Tesla powerwall, is charged by the Solar Tile and has a Tesla car.

This way, he’ll actually open up the entire Tesla experience to his customers and drive down costs.