Enjoy Life On A Jaco Vacation

One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Costa Rica is the hamlet named Jaco. Interestingly it is named after its skilled planner Charles Elwood Jaco. The affluent Oil Tycoon inherited the land and instantly envisioned it as a fun-filled vacation spot for a family. Situated in the Puntarenas Province on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, it is one of the chief attractions of the tourists. It offers some of the best surfing experiences in the resort. Exquisite landscape views add complete relaxation to the sightseer. Undoubtedly it ranks among the best holiday spots in Costa Rica.

Chief Attractions

People who love to travel will love the lush green rain forest of the Jaco resort. It is the best place to be for those who are looking for weekend getaways. Escaping the hectic schedules in the lap of nature, a few days out, is going to be the perfect Jaco Vacation you are expecting. The sand beaches and the beautiful mountains touched by such exceptional beauty attract the tourists. For everyone who wants to enjoy to their heart’s content, Jaco is the ultimate location. It also sees a plethora of activities like surfing, enjoying the drizzle, shopping, and a much exciting nightlife. Adequate information about the flora and fauna always make positive tourist impressions.

To-Do List

The list of activities you should not miss while at Jaco is quite a many in numbers. Most famous ones include bungee jumping, paragliding, a horseback ride, sports fishing and sea kayaking. Do not forget to visit the Pura Vida Gardens. It is a handsome assortment of flora, especially orchids from across the globe. Enjoying the waterfalls will give you the ultimate blissful evening you have been seeking. Expert surfers never fail to take up the Hermosa challenge or visit the famous La Roca Loca.

Travel with Ease

Online booking facilities are always available for those who cannot wait to spend leisurely days at Jaco. Attractive tourist packages are available anytime, anywhere. It may be a family holiday, or a romantic day off or a fun-filled trip with friends, smart yet affordable offers always await you. Always remember, you are only one click away from the best memories of your life in Costa Rica. Reviews posted on various sites can also help you chose better cater for your perfect holiday. The detailed accounts on the resort and the related pictures will also give you a fair idea of the wide range of activities that the place has to offer.

Services Provided and Safety

The services provided by the Jaco Tourist Board are highly appreciable. They have compiled some rules and regulations which will help the tourists to have a happy and safe holiday. There should be nothing left behind in the cab. Items should not be left unattended on the beach. It will increase the chances of losing things or misplacing them. One should always avoid riptides. If caught in one, it is advised to stay calm and try to get the attention of others on the shore. It is better not to swim in a riptide as that might be fatal. Swimming parallel to the shore instead of getting back to the shore itself would prove of great help.

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