Higher Emphasis on Leadership and Entrepreneurship in EMBA Programs

Gurushyam Lahate
Nov 6 · 2 min read

The decline in corporate sponsorship and rising competition in the different industries, sure to find many mid-level and senior-level managers struggling with their career growth. What is good news for these working professionals is the wider palette of choices that enjoy when it comes to business education. ITM EEC is one of the leading groups of colleges in India that promises a transparent and equal opportunity for all aspirants of EMBA.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

EMBA participants can pick from the wide range of courses offered by ITM. The recent and past trends show greater stress on leadership and entrepreneurship in both MBA and EMBA courses. Compared to previous years, one can observe the growing trend in the entrepreneurial spirit in major business schools across the world, including ITC.

EMBA is the stepping stone for an aspiring professional who wants to advance in his education, experience, and careers. One should seek a comprehensive education of global standards within a unique learning atmosphere that promotes quality education and personal development. Specially designed curriculum and advanced programs certainly give the EMBA aspirants a vital global edge they need in the stiff competition. It is only when they get as a supportive learning environment that they can exploit their potential to the full.

One can enrol for Executive Management Business Administration studies offered by ITM at any of its campuses in Pune, Raipur, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Baroda, and Bangalore. ITM EEC enjoys a thriving population of students and has fast become a global leader in professional education. ITM Group of institutes is already known as a global leader in professional business education and has seen steady growth in the number of applications. The institute offers its students the right atmosphere to grow professionally and personally. Just check out the ITM and its various campuses and courses offered.