ITM News Captures a Spot in the Mumbai Mirror

Gurushyam Lahate
Oct 25 · 2 min read

One of the major accomplishments that have been for the ITM University is to capture a great spot in the Mumbai mirror pages. This shows us the how the students have succeeded in making a name for the university in the country. The ITM news section has also personally covered the article at university website.

Matter of the news

Under this ITM News, we find that the students from the hospitality management department managed to make a name for their teachers by making lip smacking recipes which garnered the attention of many people from across the country. The news covers the Holidelicacies which were made by the faculty of the university. We also find that in a separate Navratri special article a student from the ITM IHM was also featured for her excellent recipe on making vat kachori. We can say that these have been tried at many homes and the success of the student and the University becomes clear to the readers.

The Holi delicacies have also been simplified by the chefs in such a way that almost everyone in otherhouses can make the recipes themselves without having to resort to buying these delicacies. Ina addition to all of this the chefs have also given space for customising the recipe according to personal taste and preferences.

Therefore, as you can see that this show the efficiency of the teachers and the great way the students benefit from the teachers. The students have also time again and again proven themselves by winning various laurels for the school and by being featured on the pages of Mumbai mirror. Hence if you are student who is interestedin hotel management or culinary arts you should definitely pick ITM IHM as your option for earning the degree.