Things you must know about ITM

Gurushyam Lahate
Oct 31, 2019 · 2 min read

Founded by Dr. P.V Ramana in 1191, ITM EEC MBA campuses are now dispersed among major cities offering PGDM programs, Hospitality, Health Sciences, Culinary Arts, and Design courses in close collaboration with pioneers of the fields. Owing to its reputation as India’s most innovative B schools spearheading change, about 15,000 students annually choose MBA to fulfill their professional aspirations. ITM offers a holistic development staring from soft skills training, internships, to placement facilities that fetch top recruiters to the campus.

Top Highlights of ITM Business Schools

• Job centric growth- Recruiters have always favoured ITM as their first priority in selecting students for the highest salary packages. High paying companies like Shoppers Stop, Capital First and Janalakshmi. What really attracts recruiters are leadership, managerial, and analytical thinking skills that these organizations require to mass profits and competitive advantage.

• Specialization Courses- ITM offers an interesting array of specialization courses each with the singular efficiency to fetch students their dream jobs. Conceptual learning frameworks are instilled within the classrooms which has revolutionized the idea of classroom learning for ITMians. Programs like Business Analytics, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Marketing, FinTech, Retail Management, and Digital Media are some of the courses that refurbished campuses offer. ITM EEC

Accreditation and Ranking- continuously ranked as the top promising B school in India, ITM has played crucial roles to catapulting students towards corporate success that provides the best opportunities to transform themselves into leaders. Well-integrated courses are designed keeping in consideration market dynamics brought forth by globalization and digitalization.

At ITM, students are ingrained knowledge and resources to bring about positive changes in the industry. Libraries, CSR activities, simulations, seminars, and distinguished alumni members have contributed to the proactive growth of ITM’s thriving atmosphere that creates recognized leaders in a range of sectors.

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