React Native MapView Tutorial - IOS

The current version of React Native 0.29.2 has a few issues with the usage of react-native-maps, however we will code through this together in IOS!

In this guide we will be using react-native-maps which can be found here =>

run `npm install react-native-maps — save`

run `rnpm link` to link the modules you just installed.

If rnpm link doesn’t work, run `npm install rnpm -g`

run `rnpm link` once that finishes installing.

Now before you add in <MapView/> We need to make a few tweaks to get this all working. Navigate to the AIRMap.h file and change what you have on line 12 to #import “RCTComponent.h”

Navigate to AIRMapCallout.h and change what you have on line 7 to To #import “RCTView.h”.

Run `react-native run-ios` and it will say “Build Succeeded”

Add import MapView from ‘react-native-maps’ to the top:

Let’s also add in a simple MapView location to your render function:

Refresh your app and you should get a blank screen. What!?

You need to add in some style to get it to show, weird right?

Also don’t forget to add in style={} to your MapView Component. Refresh and you should now see beautiful Downtown Denver!

Let’s now try adding in a marker!

Simply add in some coordinates in side MapView.Marker and you are good to go!

Thanks for reading!

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