How Running A Business Is Like Being In Love

I have found that running a business is a lot like being in love. It starts with a spark of passion and it’s all you can think about. Your business can quickly turn into an obsession, just like being in love can. Before long, you are drawing out plans and it’s all that runs through your head, day in and day out.

I have been in love and I have run businesses and I’m not afraid to say that they have shared a surprisingly large amount of similarities over the years. There are always things about the relationship that I want to make better so that we can be together for a very long time and it’s exactly what I do when running a business, too. There are a thousand little things that I want to do to improve upon it.

While it may be roses for the one I love, with my business it’s a little different. Tweaking a website with some high-end graphics, running SEO content throughout the search engines and doing a little social media marketing is all in a day’s work. My business blossoms because of my hard work and my efforts, though I can’t always say the same for my relationships.

One thing is for certain when it comes to running a business. It takes a lot of work. You can never forget about it, even if you really wanted to. With today’s technology and social media, customers want to know that you’re out there and so it becomes about maintaining blogs and Facebook presences, Twitter feeds and so much more. Being in love requires the same kind of attention — with the same grandiose gestures from time to time.

There’s nothing better than being in love — except when it comes to running a business that is succeeding. Buying little things for the business here and there can be extremely rewarding. The fresh smell of brand new business cards, a logo’d t-shirt — it’s all part of setting up a business so that you can reap the rewards later. It’s the very reason that you buy chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day.

Being in love can be rocky, though and so can running a business. I’ve had my struggles with keywords and not getting my way in the bidding wars of PPC. It reminds me of arguing with my loved one, deciding whether we should see a romantic comedy or an action movie. In the end, though, we kiss and makeup. Just like with the business, I think of some other marketing strategy that is ultimately more effective.

Love is rewarding but it takes hard work and it’s no different with running a business. It’s actually astonishing to see just how closely the two of them really are to each other.