A blank slate

It’s Monday, January 1st. A new year. A new week.


Doesn’t that feel good? (Ignoring the New Years’ hangover, of course.)

It’s like the first page in a new notebook, or a blank snowfall, when everything is just clear:

I’ve always been obsessed with that feeling of empty space, of nothingness, of clarity.

When things are reset, at zero. There’s space to think, space to dream, space to do whatever you want.

The blankness is full of possibilities. You get to fill it up with whatever: your truths, your mistakes, your loves, your dreams, your sadness, your losses, your art, your achievements.

The new year is a great reminder of this feeling, but it’s possible to come back to it at any time.

Possible to just clear everything. Possible to just focus on this moment, right now. And let the clarity that that brings shine in…

And then slowly re-introduce the important and good things back into your life.

In that way, you can make your life beautiful. One moment at a time. One blank slate at a time.

Let’s make this year beautiful.