The word consensus is a cop out.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing when someone pontificates about science (or anything else they know little about).

ALL of science proceeds through building a provisional consensus based on current knowledge. Such a consensus it lasts until new discoveries over-turn it. The consensus dissolves as scientist by scientist in a field, the old provisional certainty is replaced by a new one.

This is NOT a case of ‘majority rule.’ Scientists decide on their own, there is no vote. A consensus as to the adequacy of Newtonian mechanics dissolved very rapidly with the discovery of relativity and quantum mechanics. The consensus about land bridges and such dissolved very rapidly into a new consensus about continental drift. And many other cases of the same thing happen in science throughout its history- as it has happened with scientists who study the phenomena now being convinced, nearly all of them, that global warming has a significant human cause. No vote was taken.

Try and learn something about science sometime.

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