You dodged her point, as usual, you never directly address any valid point that proves you wrong.
Louis Weeks

As usual you bend yourself into pretzels to support your hate of those unlike you.

  1. My example from my personal life involves putting in hours of personal service on medical issues. You failed to imagine that since you think in the good/evil dichotomies I have called you on so often. It has nothing to do with advocating single payer, though I also do that but hardly spend much time on the issue.
  2. I am pretty sure what kind of Christian you are. But that you help people in order to serve your deity so you don’t get to a bad place after you pass is definitely better than doing nothing. The difference between Christians like yourself doing service and those doing it from love (just ‘emotion’ in your terms) is you expect to be paid well for eternity and those of us helping others from care for them the help is its own reward. Or does ‘emotion’ play a bigger role in your life than you once claimed in order to avoid confronting what other Christians said?
  3. We liberals realize we are a part of a community and believe we benefit from a community we have an obligation to support. The point is not that “government” gets the money, but that the money and benefits it creates, like public schools, roads, and medical care, go to all as members of the community a members. Again, you seem unable to imagine such motives.
  4. You once again bring up Clinton, whom I never mentioned. She seems a kind of obsession to you. I have often tried to explain to you that a great many of us did not think of her as particularly liberal. We considered her as vastly prefer her to Trump, however, we did not like her militarism, her authoritarianism, and her willingness to serve corporations. But she at least was far more open to treating women and others better than the pussy grabbing thug currently in office. She also respected government institutions and so would not appoint smaller time thugs and grifters who were their enemies to administer them. But making distinctions finer than good/evil Newspeak style, seems something you are incapable of doing, Louis. It is a major reason I write longer thuings like this for others who might read it because you have proven yourself incapable of rational interaction.
  5. And of course I explicitly said conservatives were fine people (the better of them) who drew the border of who was worthy and who wasn’t more narrowly than liberals, a distinction you have helped illustrate. Assuming you do your charitable work for what you call “emotions” rather than expecting to be well paid for it once you kick off.
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