OTOH, the Union did not abolish slavery until well after the war, and several slave states stayed…
Dallas Dunlap

Dallas, I missed none of that.

  1. As the slavers knew, if a majority of states became free, in time their ‘peculiar institution’ would be abolished. Lincoln agreed- the nation could not endure permanently “half slave and half free.” Once the parasitic culture to the South was defeated, slavery was abolished.
  2. That some slave states stayed in says nothing about why most others left.
  3. That the war was fought to preserve the union is irrelevant to the fact the majority of that parasitic society left to safeguard and even expand slavery.
  4. That the soldiers were draftees is irrelevant. Some Southerners opposed slavery, secession, and the Confederacy, others may have only gone in to the army because they were drafted, but still supported the South. If I grant that they fought unwillingly, that eliminates one more reason for those statues of traitors since they enslaved their fellow citizens to defend and extend slavery for others.
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