“ cannot be told of their right to nullify during the trial, a narrow right to nullification exists…
Dallas Dunlap

Dallas- you need to study your history. Many if not all our Founding Fathers believed in jury nullification, a belief that included relative conservatives like John Adams and relative liberals like Thomas Jefferson. The history of the Fugitive Slave Law would have been vastly worse except that juries could decide questions both of fact and of law. It is inherent in the logic of government by consent of the governed- if a law cannot be justified to the citizens forced to live under it, much of its legitimacy vanishes. If many citizens refuse to accept it, it becomes a dead letter.

Of course corrupt citizens can abuse this power- as corrupt citizens can abuse their right to vote. But that some use it poorly is not an argument against the right to vote and the same applies to jury nullification. It is at most an argument for better education for citizens of a free society.

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