The emerging alliance between Putin and Trump’s God squad
Jack Jenkins

Different kinds of Christians worship different kinds of Gods, all claiming the same name.

The one these people worship runs an extortion racket: “Honor me or suffer for eternity.”

It is sadistic: “I am always testing your faith and if ever you fail I will punish you severely, perhaps for eternity.”

It kills indiscriminately: “I destroyed almost every man, woman, and child on earth, plus almost every animal, just because SOME people upset me. I will do close to the same in the future through war and plague.

It commands its followers to act similarly: “At my orders you must kill even infants, and I will punish anyone, no matter how otherwise devoted, who what I command.” 1 Samuel 15

The quotes essentially summarize much of what their sacred book, as they read it, emphasizes about their deity’s nature. These people worship such a thing and seek to impose its way on earth.

If it were human, it would be incarcerated for life as criminally insane. If it were super human it would be comparable to Cthulhu or a demon.

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